Full Colour One Sided UCI Race Bibs

From technical twisty cyclocross circuits with obstacles, barriers and features our classic full colour one-sided UCI Cyclocross race bibs are the go to race bib and will go the distance on race day. We’ve got you covered with industry leading quality, bright colours and customised design options to bring your creations to life.
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About Our Cyclocross Race Bibs

Our products are durable and built to last just like your cyclists. No matter how may laps you do, our Cyclocross race bibs will go the distance.

All Race Bibs Australia products are the result of decades of experience and feedback from world class athletes and event organisers. We’re big believers in combining great products and outstanding customer service to deliver an exceptional experience

With industry leading automated software and technology, no printing job is too big or small for Race Bibs Australia – from 30min to 60min Cyclocross races.

One of our greatest strengths is our competitive turnaround times, thanks to our talented team and robust automated production capabilities and quality control pre-flight checks.

Consistency is also important to us, which is why we use state-of-the-art colour management software to deliver unparalleled colour accuracy for all race bibs.

Order Options:

  • UCI compliant bib size and number font
  • Keep officials happy with easy to read numbers
  • Event and sponsor logos included
  • Options to include country flags on request
  • Ideal for Elite to Junior Cyclocross riders alike

Upload your own race bib design or use our online design tool to get started in minutes.


All standard race bibs are designed with round corners and drilled holes for safety pins. However, we can personalise your design at no extra charge.

Our goal is to take the stress out of race day by providing quality race bibs and outstanding customer service. We can print personalised information from any data on your online entry list, such as names, nicknames, team names and emergency contact details on one or two sides. Anything is possible – country flags, first aid qualified logos, QR codes and barcodes.


We can create solutions for any event – No matter how many laps you ride in a 30min Cyclocross to a 60min Cyclocross race. All race number material options are waterproof, tear-resistant and built to last.

Standard 170gsm Synthetic Race Bib Material:

  • Ideal for any Cyclocross race distance

75gsm Tyvec Synthetic Race Bib Material:

  • Ideal for any Cyclocross race distance
  • Tear proof material
  • Lightweight
  • The go to stock for UCI race bibs

Premium 185gsm Synthetic Race Bib Material:

  • Ideal for longer distances demanding more durability
  • Semi Reusable race bibs

Reusable Matt Vinyl Banner Material

  • Ideal for Cyclocross clubs
  • Reusable race bibs
  • Printed with UV safe eco-friendly inks

We take pride in tailoring solutions to suit your needs. Contact our talented team to discuss your next Cyclocross event.